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Tired of attending meetings with inadequate lighting? Google Meet will now feature an automatic low light mode on its web interface. This mode uses artificial intelligence to gauge your ambient lighting and switch itself on when needed. As a result, you should be able to broadcast brighter videos with more clarity while attending business meetings. The feature is expected to roll out within the next 15 days, and will be available to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business users. 

The new Google Meet Low Light Mode may hamper your devices’ performance!

The new Google Meet Low Light Mode may hamper your devices’ performance!

Google has acknowledged that using the low light mode takes more processing power than what’s offered by old devices, and thus, using the feature might just hamper performance. Users who find their devices underperforming due to the new feature can simply turn it off by going into their video settings.

Google Meet’s smartphone interface already offers this feature. In fact, it’s available for use on both Google Meet and Google Duo. 

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