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Pen drives are a must-have in the digital era. These compact storage drives pack in large storage capacity and are quite useful in locally transferring data or holding on to important documents. Since these are compact, they are also quite easy to lose. If you have one with a key ring or a carabiner hook, you can hang it off of your bag on the inside or securely attach it to your keychain. These come in varying storage sizes, which is to say that you can pick up one that suits your needs best. Check out some pen drives with a carabiner hook that can be clipped to your belt loops. 

Strontium Ammo 3.1 64 GB USB Flash Drive

This USB 3.1 pen drive from Strontium features a sturdy design, which helps it stay protected against scratches and other environmental dangers. Once sheathed, the pen drive becomes even more compact and portable. It can be attached to a keychain or belt loop using the carabiner hook. It houses internal storage up to 64GB and is based on fast USB 3.1 technology that enables fast data transfer speeds, helping you save a lot of time. The pen drive is ideal for storing music, movies, videos, pictures and other file types. 

HP USB 3.1 Flash Drive 32GB X760L

Want a highly versatile and compact pen drive that supports fast data transfer speeds and have large storage space? This is the one to pick up as it’s compact and easy to carry around. It can connect to devices using a USB-A connector. Using this pen drive, you can transfer files from your laptop. It can store large-size images, videos and other documents that you can copy and playback on your smartphone too. The pen drive is durable, fast and extremely portable. Read speeds on the drive can go as high as 150 MB/s.  

Moreslan USB 3.0 Flash Drive 

This is a tough pen drive that can withstand dust, static, magnetism and high temperature. It has a nickel-plated aluminium body and is very compact and convenient to carry along. This is a USB 3.0 flash drive and has 64GB of storage space that should be good enough to store large files. Since read and write speeds are pretty fast, you can easily access files without much of a hassle. Transfer speeds on the drive go as high as 130 MB/s. 

Asleesha V11 Voice Activated Recording USB Flash Drive

Here’s a flash drive with a sturdy carabiner hook and a host of other features. Not only is it a pen drive, but also a portable MP3 player and a voice recorder. It houses 32GB of internal storage, which is great for storing and accessing small files quickly and easily. Incidentally, recorded audio is automatically slotted into another folder, so it doesn’t get mixed up with other files. It has a set of buttons that let you control exactly what you want to do with the flash drive. There’s a keychain, a carabiner hook, and a recorder button for quick audio recording if required.  



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