Freecom Tough Drive XXS 6 GB Review

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Freecom Tough Drive XXS 6 GB detailed review

Xtra Xtra Small!

Talk about physical protection for your data; the Freecom Tough Drive XXS drive that we reviewed, is all about that. This drive boasts of the ability to withstand shocks and bumps to a much better extent than any of its competitors. Credit goes to its tough exterior constructed using shock-absorbing soft silicon that gives it a rubberized look and a solid feel. Aesthetics is not compromised for the sake of ruggedness as you will notice in the snapshot.

The drive is based on a 1 inch, 3600 rpm Microdrive built especially for mobile devices. 6 GB capacity (5.7 GB real capacity) means oodles of free space for most practical purposes. You can even copy a DVD movie from a friend or give one to him.

There is a small retractable USB 2 plug that can be unfold and connected to a USB port. When connected, it is instantly recognized by Windows XP and a small blue LED in the plug starts glowing and flashes as data is transferred. Since the retractable cable is very short (hardly an inch long), Freecom have wisely provided an extension cable.

The drive proved to be faster than most drives of its class. It took just under two and a half minutes to transfer a GB of assorted files and just over a couple of minutes for sequential. The XXS is extremely silent while operating.

Along with physical security, software security is also provided. The bundled Freecom Personal Media Suite can compress and encrypt your files to keep them off prying eyes.

This drive is everything that a portable drive should be. It is sleek enough to slip into your pocket and has enough space to hold a DVD full of data and is very fast. Buying it should not prove to be that difficult of a decision though the Rs.10,500 price tag seems a bit heavy! Should the XXS fall accidentally because of your carelessness, worry not; the manufacturers have apparently drop-tested it to two meters without a problem. Rest assured that all the hours of your hard work and data are safe. Just pick it up and connect it and you can continue where you had left off, after all – this is one helluva tough drive!

Specifications: 1 GB; 1″ Microdrive; USB 2.0; USB extension cable

Performance: 4

Features: 4

Ease of use: 4

Value for money: 2.5

Overall: 3.5

Contact: J. S. Equipments

Telephone: 022-23810713

[email protected]
Price: Rs.10,500




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