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Android-based smartwatches are nothing new, and there have been a spur of new launches this year including the new Oppo Watch. Now Oppo’s sibling OnePlus has also been linked to a smartwatch for years, and it looks like its ready.

A device called ‘OnePlus Watch‘ recently appeared on the website of Indonesia’s regulatory body, as per a report by 91Mobiles . As the name suggests, the device is a wearable with the model name W301GB. Nothing more is specified in the listing though. But most likely, the watch will run on Google’s WearOS platform and feature a Snapdragon Wear chip.

OnePlus had actually confirmed it’s working on a smartwatch back in 2016, but at that time CEO Pete Lau had said the design was completed, but it wasn’t quite ready, and had to be scrapped for the time being. It looks like OnePlus did get the inspiration it needed to nail the final version, four years later.

It’s also the right time for the company to launch a smartwatch after it diversified the portfolio with the addition smart TVs and wireless earbuds . Further, considering how OnePlus and Oppo share a lot of hardware between them for their respective devices, a commercialized Oppo Watch could mean the hardware is already available to OnePlus. It simply needs to work on the UI and bake in the popular OnePlus features.

This could mean that the OnePlus Watch could also be priced nearabout the same as the Oppo Watch. In India, Oppo launched its smartwatch for Rs 14,990 and the OnePlus Watch could also aim for the same segment. There will be more information about the upcoming wearable as we edge closer to the launch, so stay tuned.



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