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One of the best smartphones in the market, the iPhone, is very efficient because of its ability to manage multiple tasks – it shoots great quality pictures, has a user-friendly design, clear sound quality and more. For the best experience, the iPhone requires comfortable earbuds that are functional as well. We’d prefer all of this without having to pay extravagantly. 

Here are some affordable earphones for iPhone users that are creating (sound)waves in the market. 

AmazonBasics Earphones with Lightning Connector

The AmazonBasic Earphones with Lightning Connector come equipped with an inbuilt microphone. These headphones are compatible with all iPhones with a Lightning connector and running on iOS 10 or higher. The microphone module also consists of a multi-purpose button which allows users to control music and video playback. They are quite lightweight, weighing about 13gms. Additionally, the earphones also come with a one year warranty. 

Belkin Earphone with Lightning Connector

The Belkin headphones come with lightning connection and high-quality sound, the earbuds fit comfortably in your ears and provide excellent passive noise-cancellation. Whether you are using the earphones to listen to music in the gym or watch a movie, or to talk freely without having to hold the microphone, and the Belkin headphones give you a wholesome experience when using it with an iPhone.

Sony WI-C200

Sony brings an innovative set of wireless headphones that allow you to connect to your iPhone handset via a Bluetooth connection. With this pair of headphones, you can enjoy music and talk freely without lugging around extra long wires. Plus, the advantage of not having to untangle your headphones every time you want to connect the phone is great. The headset is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri as well. With the help of a Type C connector, you can fully charge the wireless headset within only three hours and they feature a total battery life of 15 hours.

realme Buds Wireless

The Realme Buds Wireless earphones are affordable but look pretty premium with their neckband-style design. They come in three vibrant colour options – Green, Orange and Black. The earphones sport a total battery life of 12 hours and also have fast charging where 10 minutes of charging time can give you 100 minutes worth of battery life. Additionally, the earphones come with playback controls and can even be used to summon Google Assistant or Siri.



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