Exclusive: Hisense to launch TVs with features like Quantum dot, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and more priced between the budget and premium space | Digit

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Hisense has announced that they will enter the TV market in India in March 2020 and you can read more about the announcement here. In a conversation with Digit, Amit Dhaka, Marketing Head, Hisense India said that they plan to create a unique position for themselves in the Indian market. He says that the company will play in the growing TV space in India. The company will offer a wide range of products starting at 32-inches all the way up to 55-inches and larger. The TVs will run on Android TV OS with support for all popular streaming services. The brand will bring their Quantum Dot TVs as well as 8K TVs to give consumers more options to choose from. The company isn’t looking at competing with budget brands in India nor will it price its products against the premium brands. It is looking at the space in between; bringing products with features like Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision at prices where a consumer does not need to sell an arm to enjoy these features. It is looking to fill in the gap between the budget and premium segment. 

In the budget space we have brands like Xiaomi, Thomson, Kodak, and more dominating the space with the premium space ruled by Sony, LG and Samsung. Hisense is looking to offer its products with features like Quantum dot, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and more in between the budget and premium space. 

Internationally, the Hisense H8F TV is well-reviewed. The TV brings with it a full array backlit TV with a 4K resolution and support for Dolby Vision. A lot of international reviewers have praised the TV for the features and performance it brings at the affordable price point. Hisense has confirmed to Digit that the company will bring the H8F to India, but the model number will be different. 

At CES 2020, Hisense officially released three new Laser TV products – the 75-inch Trichrome Laser TV, the Sonic Screen Laser TV and the Self-Rising Screen Laser TV. Looking back at the history of the Hisense Laser TV since 2015, Dr Lin, Vice President of Hisense Group, emphasized on the importance of innovation and shared his firm belief that the Laser display will dominate in the future.

According to the press release, Hisense will launch “its range of Smart Televisions in India with features like Quantum Dot technology which creates huge amount of Color combinations for more detail, Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos for full immersive & engaging cinematic experience in your home, Hi-View Engine to present stunning picture quality, Full Array Local Dimming with more dimming zones for better contrast ratio and a bezel-less slim design identity across entire range”



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